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Submission details

Please use only the following online form for your submission:


TDWI conferences are a multi-vendor and independent event. We only accept vendor-neutral submissions. In order to meet the high expectations of our delegates and target groups, we would like to ask you to focus your presentation on the topic you have submitted.  

Please make sure that you only present one slide about yourself and the company you represent. We want to make sure that the presentations of all speakers are comparable and up to the standard of the event in order to deliver high quality content to the participants.

Presentations can be made in English or German. Please be sure to submit your papers in the language of the presentation. A maximum of 2 speakers per presentation is allowed. Workshops or hands-on sessions can also be held with a maximum of 4 presenters.

Submission deadline: 13 February 2023
Confirmation or rejection: end of February 2023


Below you will find detailed information about the submission details for TDWI Munich 2023:

Submission details

  • Title - concise, apt, creating interest (max. 60 characters incl. spaces)
  • Summary/abstract (max. 550 characters incl. spaces)
  • Teaser text: Summarise your abstract in max. 250 characters (incl. spaces). The teaser text is used to promote your presentation and should convince the participants of your presentation with a short text.
  • Detailed description / Extended Abstract (no character limit)
  • Who are you? Tell us something about yourself in a short biography (max. 480 characters incl. spaces).
  • What are the requirements for participants to experience a value?
  • Which target group is your contribution aimed at?
  • What level of difficulty does the contribution have? (Beginner, advanced, expert)
  • What are your key messages or what is your rough agenda?
  • In which formats (see below) can or would you like to make the contribution?

Contribution formats

Contributions can be held in the following formats:

  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes (Deep Dives only)
  • Half-day-Workshops

Do you have suggestions for alternative durations or formats? We look forward to receiving your comments.

Criteria for acceptance

All TDWI Munich 2023 submissions will be evaluated by the Conference Board with regard to the following criteria:

  • Quality, competence and depth of the contribution
  • Relevance to the conference
  • Level of innovation
  • Overall impression