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Call For Contributions

It doesn't matter how old you are. It doesn't matter where you come from. What matters to us is what you have to say.

We invite you to share your expertise and knowledge with the TDWI community. Submit your presentation to TDWI Munich 2023.

The TDWI Munich 2023 programme is curated by the Conference Board based on this Call for Contributions. The speakers of the TDWI thematic circles have contributed their main topics to this Call for Contributions. They will accompany the selection process accordingly and help shape the programme.

An increasing number of companies have recognised the targeted use of data as an important pillar for sustainable competitive success. Driven by big data, analytics and an AI boom, many exciting initiatives have been launched in recent years, from which innovative analytics solutions have emerged.  
The potential is far from exhausted. Companies are experimenting with analytical topics in addition to the often established business intelligence activities. This is supported by improved accessibility of data storage and analytics infrastructure.

Sophisticated approaches reduce the barriers to embedding analytics into corporate IT. As solutions mature, there is a growing realisation that Big Data and analytics also need governance and should be embedded in overarching BIA governance initiatives. This concerns the data itself, the tools used and the models developed and operationalised. It is becoming increasingly clear that the knowledge base that has developed
in the area of business intelligence is also relevant for the analytics and big data context. In principle, a targeted examination of the interplay between business intelligence and analytics, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing as well as the concept of overarching organisational, system and data management concepts appears to make sense.