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  • Mariana Hebborn
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    Mariana Hebborn

    Merck KGaA

    Data Governance Lead Helthcare

    Mariana Hebborn has the responsibility for one of the most valuable assets of our time: data, as Data Governance Lead at Merck Healthcare. 
    Mariana Hebborn has many years of experience in data analytics, governance, and management. She holds a PhD in Computational Data Processing and to date has worked and led several teams and projects in Data Science and Data Digitization for various companies such as IBM, Fujitsu and Viridium Group in Europe and Asia. 
    When she is not busy with data-driven missions, she is dedicated to her family and sports activities.

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    20. Juni 2023 - 10:40-11:25

    Di 5.1 - #Data Strategy & Data Governance