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  • Jan-Hendrik Weinert
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    Jan-Hendrik Weinert

    Viridium Group

    Quantitative Risk Manager

    Dr. Jan-Hendrik Weinert is a quantitative risk manager and data & analytics expert who combines knowledge in life insurance with data science and data engineering techniques, broad data architecture skills and strategic focus. He obtained a Ph.D. in actuarial science for research on the tontine, the precursor of today's pension insurance at the intersection of mathematical modeling, data evaluation, and economic reasoning in the context of life insurance. He also studied quantitative finance, economics and business informatics and loves to combine all these disciplines to create value. He continued on this bridging path by linking the needs of strategic management with the IT foundation through his role as risk analytics specialist, where he breaks open silos and combines a large number of heterogeneous elements to foster data-driven risk-management and the transformation towards a data-centric company.

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    20. Juni 2023 - 10:40-11:25

    Di 5.1 - #Data Strategy & Data Governance