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    Patrik Lengacher

    SBB Cargo

    Senior Data Engineer

    Patrik Lengacher joined SBB Cargo in the Analytics and Operations Research team. From the beginning he was keen to leverage the existing data and to mature the data driven approach within SBB Cargo. Patrik developed prototypes for major projects such as a data centred approach to demand management. Currently Patrik is responsible for the data ingestion, warehousing and operation streams. His goal is to create a unified data landscape with an easy access to data and reports for all employees. As part of this development Patrik is leading the IoT and Digital Twin stream. Patrik graduated from ETH Zürich with a master's degree in mathematics and is a lecturer for Data Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW).

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    12. Juni 2024 - 16:50-17:35

    Mi 6.5 - Self Service & Analytics