• Marianne Temerowski
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    Marianne Temerowski

    Swisscom (Switzerland)

    People Lead Data Services @ Data Analytics & AI

    Marianne Temerowski is the People Lead of Data Services, at Data Analytics & AI at Swisscom and leads 114 Engineers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners (internals and externals).
    She has

    • worked for about 15 years in the information and communications technology industry for companies such as SAP, Deutsche Telekom and Swisscom.
    • successfully implemented transformations of organizations, technologies, and products on several occasions.
    • many years' experience in leading people and over EUR 60 million in profit and loss responsibility.
    • studied Psychology and combined it with economics and law. She likes to apply the newest findings from Neuroscience at work.
    • lived in 7 countries and is half Chilean, half German. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/marianne-temerowski/

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    11. Juni 2024 - 11:35-12:20

    Di 2.2 - Data Science & AI