• Deepak Sahu
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    Deepak Sahu

    Müller Service GmbH

    Senior Software Developer

    For over 5 years, Deepak Sahu has been a software engineer at Mueller Service GmbH. With 13 years of experience, he crafts robust code for critical applications. As a Microsoft-certified expert, his focus spans Manufacturing Systems, Warehouse Automation, and financial instruments. Architecting and leading 'The Replay Software' showcases his prowess in optimizing Agile workflows. Proficient in ERP integration, web, desktop apps, and Azure DevOps, he excels in CI/CD processes. Establishing a Microsoft Power Platform Onboarding Center and proactive incident management underscore his commitment. His structured project management using Clarity PPM ensures quality and risk assessment.

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    12. Juni 2024 - 11:25-12:10

    Mi 6.3 - Self Service & Analytics