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  • Ramesh Shurma
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    Ramesh Shurma

    Orion Governance

    Founder & CEO

    Ramesh Shurma is the founder and CEO of Orion Governance Inc.  Prior to starting Orion, Ramesh developed his expertise by working in very data intensive environments as an enterprise architect, application architect, and senior consultant and programmer with a very strong business and technology focus.  His vertical market experience spans across Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail and Electronic Design Automation.  His Silicon Valley roots taught him the valuable lesson of innovation and customer service.  The motivation behind Orion was to solve a real-world need that most of the other companies had overlooked in favor of an unreliable manual approach.  The road less traveled, where people dared to tread, but was taken in the spirit of innovation, that is Orion Governance today.  Under his hard work, the team has grown to multiple millions in revenue in a short period of time.  He is fluent in multiple languages including French, Hindi and English.  His hobbies include aviation, traveling and having his three dogs take him on daily walks.

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