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  • Mark van der Heijden
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    Mark van der Heijden


    Senior Sales Engineer

    Mark is lead engineer and part of the EMEA founding team at Coalesce.io. He started his career in data 18 years ago with an internship at Oracle, and later graduated at Getronics where he received a thesis award from Accenture. Since then, Mark has covered roles across the data lifecycle and across all parts of the data ecosystem.

    With his extensive background in data integration, data modelling and data architecture, Mark has specialized in data automation. He is a strong believer that automation plays a key part in every successful data warehouse implementation. Prior to joining Coalesce.io, he has worked as an independent advisor and different roles at WhereScape, Teradata, and several consultancy firms. He is known as an honest, highly experienced professional with a broad general interest for technology, always striving for the optimal result.

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    21. Juni 2023 - 13:55-14:25

    CSmi4 - #Case Study