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Track: #IoT & Digital Twins

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  • Dienstag
, (Dienstag, 21.Juni 2022)
09:00 - 10:15
Di 6.1
ROOM F129 | IoT und Industrie 4.0 – Analytics-basierte Wertschöpfung in branchenübergreifenden Ökosystemen
ROOM F129 | IoT und Industrie 4.0 – Analytics-basierte Wertschöpfung in branchenübergreifenden Ökosystemen

Innovative IT ermöglicht Unternehmen neue Kooperationsformen mit verschiedenen Partnern in offenen Netzwerken. Hierbei entstehen kooperative Datenräume auf der Basis IoT-basierter Digitaler Zwillinge, deren erfolgreiche Umsetzung leistungsfähige BIA-Infrastrukturen voraussetzen. 

Zielpublikum: Management, BIA-Verantwortliche, Chief Information Officer / Chief Digital Officer 
Voraussetzungen: keine
Schwierigkeitsgrad: Einsteiger

Prof. Dr. Heiner Lasi leitet seit April 2015 das Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut mit Sitz in Stuttgart und Heilbronn und ist Inhaber der Professur für Industrial Intelligence an der Steinbeis Hochschule. Lasi forscht und lehrt im Bereich neuer Konzepte und Methoden zur erfolgreichen Gestaltung der Digitalen Transformation in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Im Rahmen seiner internationalen Aktivitäten ist er u.a. Mitglied im AIoT Editorial Board und ein gefragter Experte für die Gestaltung neuer Wertschöpfungsmodelle, u.a. in der Enquete Kommission KI des Deutschen Bundestags und der Arbeitsgruppe Digitale Agenda des Bundeskanzleramts.
ROOM F129 | Trustworthiness of datapoints as a foundation for Digital Twin based secure systems
ROOM F129 | Trustworthiness of datapoints as a foundation for Digital Twin based secure systems

Factories of tomorrow are built based on digitized and modular elements and systems. 
In order to make sure (worker’s) safety is still given, reliable confirmations at runtime for autonomous processes and its dependencies as part of digital twins have to be deployed. 
The speech further will outline the way trustworthiness of datapoints ensure a resilience and productive operation as part of an enablement.

Target Audience: Infrastructure decision maker, CDO, COO, CEO, business owner, production manager
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of data analysis - production methods - manufacturing technologies - supply chain
Level: Basic

His bandwidth of production & manufacturing related experiences as well as his management skills were reached in various and different positions over 22 years like head of global manufacturing and heading the operation & asset technology at 13 factories / sites. Frank has implemented technologies, methods and strategies to enable supply chain transformation - implementing Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) operations. He further collaborate and interact with committees, customers and research organizations to settle and deploy smart factory related references, technologies and standards. At TUV SUD, he is heading the global business line Advanced Manufacturing where operations of Industrial Software, CyberSecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Digitized Compliance Management are hosted. Bringing skills and technology together is Frank’s key to success and an important competency for a digital world. The Vice President for Advanced Manufacturing interact with I4.0 and Internet of Things in his daily work at TÜV SÜD. His goal is to make connected and autonomous manufacturing safe, secure and resilient. Frank acts additionally as Trainer, coach and mentor for people development of internal staff.

Heiner Lasi
Frank Blaimberger
Heiner Lasi
Vortrag: Di 6.1-1
Themen: IoT

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Frank Blaimberger
Vortrag: Di 6.1-2
Themen: IoT

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