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Thema: Data Driven Systems

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  • Mittwoch
, (Mittwoch, 22.Juni 2022)
14:00 - 15:15
Mi 3.3
ROOM K4 | Merging User Research with Data Analytics – how adding a customer centric view into the analytics advances insights driven data culture
ROOM K4 | Merging User Research with Data Analytics – how adding a customer centric view into the analytics advances insights driven data culture

Data Analysts and Data Scientists invest an immense amount of time into optimizing models and interpreting data, all in the quest to promote better business decision making and more efficient product development. We oftentimes however fail to take a step back and answer the overarching question: Why does the user show the observed behavior pattern? Why does a certain variable improve the accuracy of our prediction model? Despite all the advances we have made in analytics, even predictive analytics and ML models cannot truly answer what the user was thinking and why they act in a certain way. 

Adding the customer perspective into the insights equation opens up a whole new perspective on this problem. As a consequence, XING merged the User Research and Analytics departments to create a more holistic approach to insights generation. This presentation walks through the problem statements, the differences in the professional fields (analytics and research) and how the individual segments of both disciplines are complementary and lead to a more user centric decision making organization.

Target Audience: anyone open to thinking outside of the regular patterns of analytics and AI/DS 
Prerequisites: none 
Level: Basic 

Marc Roulet is Director of Analytics, Research and SEO at XING, the leading business networking platform in Germany. In this role he supports the top management, business managers, product teams and marketing with insights to drive performance. This includes quantitative and qualitative user research, experimentation, forecasting, KPI definition, data visualization and analytical deep dives. A data evangelist at heart, Marc is dedicated to promoting a truly data driven mindset within the organization, breaking down complex data material into digestible and actionable insights for the business. Prior to his role at XING Marc worked in various leadership positions in the eBay Classifieds Group, at and at ImmobilienScout24 in Business Development and as a Marketing and Sales Analyst. Marc started his career at eBay as a Business Analyst in the Trust and Safety Department, analyzing buyer and seller behavior and deriving seller standards.

Marc Roulet
Marc Roulet
Vortrag: Mi 3.3

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