Facctum Solutions Limited


Facctum provides vertical business solutions, starting with a Financial Crime Risk Management (FCRM) platform that delivers data-driven decisions for improved compliance effectiveness and more efficient operational performance.

Our SaaS screening solution, FacctView, combines data analytics technology with high-performance name matching and risk decisioning capabilities. This delivers a resilient and agile response to risk that is scalable and explainable, with improved speed-to-compliance. Our approach is cloud-first, with a focus on enabling the integration of Facctum solutions into an institution's preferred technology stacks.  

Facctum was founded in 2021 by a group with various backgrounds in banking, FCRM technology, data science and software engineering experience – who saw that attempts to solve critical FCRM problems did not use the full potential of new technology.  Facctum is proud to be a product-led organisation -that is who we are- and the opportunity to build new empowering products is what drives us forward.

In addition to FCRM solutions, Facctum also provides services from DataVium, a data solutions and consulting company.  DataVium offers complementary high-end consulting expertise to solve some of the most complex challenges organizations face in managing and exploiting data, as well as horizontal data-centric solutions powered by Ab Initio.

Facctum and DataVium are headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with operations in India.


Webseite: http://www.facctum.com