Veezoo is a chat-based data analytics solution that empowers anyone to find actionable insights from data by literally just asking their questions in plain English!

Ask questions and get answers in seconds in the form of meaningful data visualizations.

Founded in 2016, Veezoo empowers individuals at every level of the organisation to make real-time, data-driven decisions that move the organization forward.

Powered by a highly-configurable, industry-leading AI data backend and an easy-to-use chat interface, Veezoo replaces traditionally inefficient drag-and-drop analytics with an intuitive, conversational interface so that anyone can discover actionable insights in seconds – no coding required!

To learn more about Veezoo and why natural language is the key to democratizing data and creating data-driven organizations, visit:


14-day free trial, no credit card required https://app.veezoo.com/signup


Veezoo AG Hohlstrasse 507 CH-8048 Zürich

Webseite: https://veezoo.com