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  • Matthias Braun
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    Matthias Braun

    Trevisto AG

    Lead Consultant

    The speaker Matthias Braun studied Mathematics and Physics. He works as consultant for Business Intelligence and Business Analytics for more than 10 years. Matthias Braun started in 2015 at Trevisto AG, a consultant company for digitalisation, Business Intelligence and AI. At Trevisto, he is responsible for the development of an AI framework including the full project life cycle starting from a proof-of-concept phase until operation and monitoring of the solution. He has worked in various data scientist projects.

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    21. Juni 2021 - 11:20-12:30

    Mo 2.2 - Business Analytics



    23. Juni 2021 - 17:00-18:10

    Mi 2.6 - Advanced Analytics & AI