Dataiku is the platform for Everyday AI, systemizing the use of data for exceptional business results. Organizations that use Dataiku elevate their people (whether technical and working in code or on the business side and low- or no-code) to extraordinary, arming them with the ability to make better day-to-day decisions with data.

At its core, Dataiku allows companies to leverage one central solution to design, deploy, and manage AI and analytics applications. Dataiku also facilitates using prebuilt components and automation wherever possible to streamline work processes as well as consistent management and governance across teams and projects to create transparent, repeatable, and scalable AI and analytics programs. 

Dataiku was founded in 2013 and has been leading the charge in the democratization of AI ever since. The company raised $400 million at a $4.6 billion valuation in their most recent Series E funding round in August 2021.

More than 450 companies worldwide use Dataiku to systemize their use of data, analytics, and AI, driving diverse use cases from fraud detection to customer churn prevention, predictive maintenance to supply chain optimization, and everything in between. 




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Webseite: www.dataiku.com/de