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    Cindi Howson


    Chief Data Strategy Officer

    In case you don't know Cindi, she is a fantastic data analytics thought leader and expert with a flair for bridging business needs with technology.   As Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot, she advises top clients and partners on data strategy and best practices to become data-driven. Cindi is also host of the Data Chief Podcast, a top 10 podcast in the data and analytics category. Cindi was previously a Gartner research Vice President, as the lead author for the data and analytics maturity model and analytics and BI Magic Quadrant, and a popular keynote speaker.  She introduced new research in data and AI for good, NLP/BI Search, and augmented analytics and brought both the BI bake-offs and innovation panels to Gartner globally. She’s rated a top 12 influencer in big data and analytics by Onalytca, Solutions Review, Humans of Data.  Prior to joining Gartner, she was the founder of BI Scorecard, a resource for in-depth product reviews based on exclusive hands-on testing, a contributor to Information Week, and the author of several books including Successful Business Intelligence: Unlock the Value of BI & Big Data and SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0: The Complete Reference.  She served as The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) faculty member for more than a decade.  Prior to founding BI Scorecard, Howson was a manager at Deloitte & Touche and a BI standards leader for Dow Chemical in Switzerland.

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