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  • Martin Wezowski
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    Martin Wezowski


    Chief Designer & Futurist

    "I want to innovate what we call "work" out-of our lives via an empathic symbiosis between human ingenuity and machine intelligence."

    Martin Wezowski works as Chief Futurist for SAP’s Technology & Innovation. He is lecturing as a faculty member of Futur/IO, a European future institute and other education programs. He moved across a range of disciplines from UX, to systemic design to define innovation visions and strategies. Right now, he is on the mission to map, build and inspire a future we want to live in, more specifically, he crafts future outlooks, concepts,  products, defines and runs innovation frameworks to find out what’s next and beyond for SAP’s vast ecosystem and the future of work. 2017 he was named 1 of 100 most innovative minds in Germany as the “Software visionary” (“Handelsblatt”).

    Prior to joining SAP in 2013, he worked for Sony Ericsson (Sweden) as creative director later he lived in Shenzhen, China for 2 years while serving as director of the strategic UX board (Huawei). He builds on his international adventures stretching from Poland, Sweden, China to Germany, and frequently shares his passion for the future of humans and work around the world (Duke University, as EU-advisor and keynote speaker, SxSW, TEDx, Singularity-U Summit, BOMA, CES, Tech Open Air - TOA, HUB Berlin, DMEXCO, WEBIT, Ada Lovelace festival, TWIN Global, CeBIT, CES. WeAreDevelopers, etc.)

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