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  • Graham Sharpe
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    Graham Sharpe


    Director Strategic Solutions

    Graham Sharpe was previously Director Consumer Analytics at Adidas Group where he spent 22 years designing and building their BI and Analytics capabilities from the ground up. From 2015 through to 2021, Graham positioned Exasol as the core data analytics technology to allow him and his teams to help take the adidas E-commerce operations from 20 to 250 Million registered customers representing €4.5 Billion in revenue for the year ending 2020. Enabling analytics in the adidas eCom world played a major part in this growth success by developing capabilities such as Deep Consumer Profiling, In-Season Forecasting, Market Pricing Intelligence, Dynamic Pricing, Assortment Analytics as well as paving the way for self-service reporting and a world class Consumer Features Store designed to accelerate the use of Data Science in adidas’s digital channels.

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    21. Juni 2021 - 16:30-17:10

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