TDWI Konferenz 2020

TDWI München will return in 2021


Piet Daas

Eindhoven University of Technology


Dr. Piet J.H. Daas received his PhD degree in the natural sciences at the Radboud University of Nijmegen in 1996 with honours. Next, he worked at the Wageningen University were he analyzed large data sets. In 2000, Piet started to work at Statistics Netherlands as a methodologist. Here, he became an expert on the use of secondary data for official statistics and initiated the research on Big Data; called new data sources then. This resulted in the start of the research theme ‘Big Data’ at Statistics Netherlands in 2008. The work in this area is at the forefront of the application of Big Data for official statistics, resulting in the publication of the first official statistics purely based on Big Data: Dutch traffic intensity statistics. In 2016, the Center for Big Data Statistics was established. Piet is one of the Big Data experts at this center, teaches the Big Data lectures for the European Master of Official Statistics at the University of Utrecht and online. He has also contributed to a whole range of international activities in this area. In 2019, Piet became a professor by special appointment on Big Data in Official Statistics at the Eindhoven University of Technology.




28. Oktober 2020 - 14:00-14:50

KeyMi - Keynote