TDWI Konferenz 2020

TDWI München will return in 2021


Paul Flach

Lyceum Group

Founder and Executive Consultant

For over 30 years, Paul Flach has been a dedicated data and analytics practitioner and leader. Over the last 15 years, Paul has developed deep experience in building and rolling out transformation programs that build information-based cultures with both government and private sector clients. Paul is a visionary in the area of information product management, organization strategies for innovation development, and digital delivery. He has developed a fully integrated method and compendium of best practices that incorporate all these concepts into a single cohesive strategy, the Codex system. Paul's relationship with TDWI started back in 2003 as a partner in Hands-On BI, providing in-depth training on the methods and technologies for topics such as data mining, advanced analytics, data management, BI, and data modeling. 

Paul's progressive organization strategies develop self-organizing cultures by implementing methods based on the 'Emergence and Complexity Theory'. These organization strategies include exciting and new management roles and methods, decision-making models, and structures that identify and leverage catalysts of self-organizing behaviours. His service delivery models implement product management principles with a keen focus on ensuring sustainable benefit realization from information products. Paul is implementing these methods while leading major transformation programs for clients in the public and private sector.




26. Oktober 2020 - 14:30-17:45

Mo 8.3 - Analyst Track