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TDWI Konferenz mit BARC@TDWI Track 2016

München, 20. - 22. Juni 2016

Partner BARC bitkom

Welcome everyone to the 2016 TDWI Europe Conference with BARC

Welcome to Munich and to another exciting and informative TDWI event.  The field of business intelligence continues to change rapidly and keeping pace with the changes becomes increasingly important. Whether your interests are in business changes – trends in competition, regulation, innovation, open trade, etc. – or in technology trends such as big data technologies, self-service analytics, advanced analytics, automation, and Internet of Things, you’ll find the right education, networking, and opportunities at this event to help you stay ahead of the curve.

TDWI Europe, in partnership with BARC, brings together one of the largest gatherings of international experts and educators to be found anywhere in the world. Vendors and exhibitors showcase the leading edge and emerging technologies that are changing the game. And, of course, networking with your peers offers opportunities to learn from the experiences of others and to share your own knowledge and expertise.

The impressive scope of BI topics just continues to grow – big data, predictive analytics, advanced analytics, self-service analytics, data preparation, data visualization, data mining, make-a-difference technologies such as Hadoop and R, data ecosystems, data governance, agile analytics, and the list goes on. Fast paced? Yes. Challenging? Absolutely. But it is also exciting stuff that is sure to make for a stimulating and energizing conference.

We’ve come a long way from the early days of TDWI and data warehousing, and the coming year is sure to bring more growth and change. TDWI is honored to have a part in your journey, advancing all things data. I look forward to meeting all of you in Munich.

Lauran Trask
Director of Education Development, TDWI

Technical Chairs:

Prof. Dr. Peter Gluchowski
TDWI Germany e.V.

Prof. Dr. Peter Chamoni
Universität Duisburg-Essen

Dr. Joachim Philippi
Seven Principles AG

Dr. Carsten Bange
BARC GmbH - Business Application Research Center

Klaus-Dieter Schulze
NTT DATA Deutschland GmbH

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