TDWI Konferenz mit BARC@TDWI Track 2017

München, 26. - 28. Juni 2017


FourPoints Business Intelligence

FourPoints Business Intelligence


FourPoints Business Intelligence: We are dynamic creative BI-experts committed to help you move forwards and your guide in Business Intelligence.

Every company, small or large, needs solid information on how their business is running. To enable managers to steer, make more efficient, more optimal. Ev¬erybody goes about collecting management information in different ways. Some use spreadsheets or a nifty self-service visualization tool, while others use huge enterprise data ware¬houses where data constantly poors in and gets processed into information. Whatever your way of working is; we can help you make things better, faster, smarter, more cost-efficient, less time-consuming or less error-prone. In short: “more in tune with your evolving needs”.
We do BI and BI only, for over twenty years now. We are here to guide you through the daunting task BI can be sometimes. Make it happen.... get in touch with us.


MediArena 10, 1114BC Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Tel.: (+ 31) 20 452 75 05