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TDWI Konferenz mit BARC@TDWI Track 2014

München, 23. - 25. Juni 2014


TDWI Business Analytics: Exploration, Experimentation, and Discovery

Uhrzeit:10:45 - 18:15
Vortrag: M5

Analytics is at the forefront of business intelligence. The promise of BI is found in data analysis that provides insight and drives innovation. Data-driven investigation, exploration, and experimentation lead to the kinds of discoveries that uncover opportunities and help answer future-looking questions. Analytics is a hot topic in business management, and quantitative analysis has rapidly become the in-demand skill for data management. What was once a specialty field exclusive to statisticians and mathematicians has become mainstream. Today’s business analysts combine understanding of business, data, statistics, math, visualization, and problem solving to meet business-critical needs for information, understanding, and insight.

Level: CBIP
Prerequisite: None

You Will Learn

  • How models are used to define and frame analytic needs
  • Model development techniques, including influence diagramming, spreadsheet engineering, and parameterization
  • Model refinement techniques, including sensitivity analysis, strategy analysis, and iteration
  • Discovery-oriented techniques, including heuristic analysis, subjective probability, hypothesis formation, and experimentation
  • Statistical foundations of data analysis, including histograms, standard deviation, and regression
  • The data side of analytics: data preparation, data cleansing, data visualization
  • The human side of analytics: communication, conversation, collaboration
  • A bit about analytics tools from free and open source to advanced analytics technology

Geared To

  • Practicing business analysts and those who aspire to become business analysts; business functional managers responsible for analyzing performance and risk; BI program managers, architects, and project managers; BI and IT professionals seeking to know more about business analytics

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