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TDWI Konferenz mit BARC@TDWI Track 2014

München, 23. - 25. Juni 2014


Extreme Scoping (Part 1): Agile BI versus Agile EDW

Uhrzeit:10:45 - 13:45
Vortrag: M4A

Agile development has been popular in the operational systems world for over a decade and it is finally catching on in the data warehousing/business intelligence space. However, the results are not always positive. Agile development methods like Scrum seem to work for some projects, but not others. They seem to work for developers, but not for data management professionals. They seem to work for stand-alone BI applications, but not enterprise-class data warehouse projects. This seminar examines the reasons for the spotty success with agile methodologies in the EDW/BI space. It will describe four different BI scenarios that require different agile approaches. It will also introduce Extreme Scoping, which is a new agile approach designed specifically for enterprise-class data warehouse projects that require an enterprise perspective. It is a data-agile alternative to today's popular development-agile methodologies.

Target Audience: Program and project managers, project leads, data management professionals (data modelers, database architects), project team members (analysts, developers)
Basic understanding of data warehousing and BI
Level: Basic

Extended Abstract:

Why traditional project management does not work on EDW/BI projects
>Business Intelligence (BI)
>Data Warehouse (DW) role in BI
>From Chaos to architecture >Uncoordinated traditional development method
>Waterfall methodologies
>Industrial-age mental model
>Proliferation of redundancy

Release concept and agile principles
>Information-Age mental model
>Coordinated cross-functional development method
>Spiral (iterative) methodologies
>Release concept
>Agile development methodologies
>Principles of agile development

Agile BI versus agile EDW
>Can agile be used for BI?
>Can agile be used for EDW?
>Agile principles that work for EDW projects
>Agile principles that don't work for EDW projects
>Extreme Scoping(TM) release guidelines

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